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“Sweet! Somebody just emailed me a deck!” said nobody ever. So, instead we’ve put together this selection of videos showcasing work we hope you will find relevant. We’ve included background and ballpark pricing, too.

Mural Projection for Tao

To increase visual engagement at Tao Chicago, we developed custom projection mapping to bring an existing 20-foot tall mural to life. The overlaid projections could be controlled through a custom content management system and was driven by just one 15,000 lumen projector. The display has become a strong social driver, with photos and videos of the display appearing regularly on Instagram and Facebook.

Animated Logo for TruClear

This project for the reception area of a large showroom, uses the same process as the Tao display but on a smaller scale. In this case, the logo is a static wall decal which is transformed through projection mapped animations. Due to the smaller size of the display only a 5000 lumen projector was required. Animations evolve automatically over the course of the day through a remote CMS.

Lobby Display for Mack-Cali

For these two lobby displays we created a grids of diamonds and circles mounted onto feature walls. The geometric patterns present a multitude of options for dynamic content. These displays are often used for promotion of events as well as a range of ambient content rotated throughout the day. Content updates are provided remotely for seasonal and holiday changes.

Magic Keyboard

This began as an internal project at Bravo to address the question, “what can people do while they are waiting for the elevator?” Since then we have developed and installed versions of this interactive display in multiple locations across the country.

Customize Your Ride for Mercedes

Developed for a VIP Super Bowl party, this activation gave guests the opportunity to give the latest Mercedes convertible their own “paint” job using a custom app and projection mapping. In addition to being cool for cars, a similar approach could work for any sort of display looking to incorporate interactivity and creativity.

VIP Entrance for YouTube

YouTube’s Grammy party venue had every except a dynamic guest entrance. So we transformed the building’s loading dock into a fully animated passageway featuring the party’s theme of 80’s East Coast hiphop.

Interactive House for Keurig

To showcase their latest products, Keurig transformed an event space into a multi-room fantasy house. Bravo developed a one-of-kind motion-tracking pool table and an interactive app that let guests change the wallpaper.

Vehicle Launch for Lincoln

To celebrate the latest Navigator, Lincoln held a huge party at the Dream Hotel in LA. To build excitement out on the street, we lit it up with custom projection mapping across the car and display wall. The display stopped traffic and inspired a whole lot of social sharing.

Let’s talk budgets…

Budgets for all of our projects are driven by three factors: content, hardware, labor and content.

For the purposes of this guide we are considering projects a Large, Small and Interactive. Small projects would be similar to the TruClear Animated Logo. Large projects would be similar to Tao Chicago and Interactive projects would be similar to the Magic Keyboard. Estimates shown here are typical but run higher or lower based on full scope.

CONTENT: This includes the concept development, production and delivery of all displayed content. All work is done by Bravo’s in-house team of designers and animators. Costs are based on complexity and duration of content provided.

Small - $5000-$25,000

Large - $10,000-$30,000

Interactive - $5000-$20,000

HARDWARE: For long-term displays we assist clients in the selection of hardware for them to purchase directly from a preferred vendor.

The projectors we recommend are laser-based and provide roughly 20,000-30,000 hours of usage before requiring maintenance.

Projector costs are driven by the overall size of the display and the required luminosity based on the environment.

Small - $2000-$7500

Large - $10,000-$30,000 range.

In addition to projectors, these displays typically require a media player and/or computer with a cost of $1000-$5000.

LABOR: Bravo can directly oversee all elements of the installation process or work with client’s internal or preferred vendors. Typical installation costs range from $5000-$25,000.

We are always happy to provide more specific estimates on projects you might have in development.

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