Bravo for the Apollo!

Bravo's team of designers, creators and developers are excited for the opportunity to share our work and explore future collaborations with the amazing Apollo Theater.

Following our meeting and tour, we are excited to discuss ideas to increase engagement beginning on the street, continuing to the lobby, the stage and the upcoming expansion. 

From interactive projection mapping to life-sized holograms, interactive displays to environmental design, let us show you how WE MAKE WOW.  

Projection Mapping - CBS Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Interactive Projection Mapping - Mercedes Benz

Interactive Glass - Absolut

Magical Keyboard 

Show Opener - TEDx Johnson & Johnson

Object Projection Mapping - Nike

Touch Wall Experience

Glass Projection

Life-Sized Hologram - German Embassy

Custom Live-Tracking Pool Table

Touchscreen Games

"Living" Mannequin

Video Display Table

Transparent Display Case