What is everybody looking at?

Bravo Media Is...

Experiential. Animated. Interactive. Engagement.

Full-service creative development, strategy and production for traditional and experiential media.

Projection Mapping. Holograms. Interactive Displays. Digital Signage. LED, LCD, AR, VR and lots of other acronyms.

Events. Launches. Activations. Festivals, Retail. Hotels. Restaurants. Museums. Lobbies. Malls. The occasional fancy home.

Wow the crowd at your next event.  Increase onsite social sharing.  A fresh approach to your product launch.  Increase dwell time. 

Share your goals and desires with the gang at Bravo and let us bring them to life!

Lobby displays - Mack-Cali, Harborside

Interactive Projection Mapping - Mercedes


Magic Keyboard - Interactive Elevator Bay

Interactive Displays SXSW- Youtube

Interactive Activation - Youtube Music

Trade Show Displays - NEC

Times Square LED Experience - Revlon

VR Flight Simulator - Visionsafe


custom venue entrance - YouTube

Projection Mapping - Late Show 


Mural Projection - Tao NYC

Interactive Music Display - LG

Motion Tracking + Projection - Keurig

Augmented Reality Portal - KPMG

Dome Projection Mapping TEDX - J&J

Retail projection Display

Exterior Projection Mapping - Lincoln

Product Projection Mapping - Nike

Trade Show Display - FutureMarket

Retail Display - Saks Fifth Avenue

Jet Projection Mapping - French Tourism

Glass Projection - Bravo Media

Interactive Posters - KPMG

Mobile Gaming + Projection - Bravo Media

Touch-Glass Display - Absolut

Lighting "Hologram" - Jagermeister

Life-size Hologram - German Tourism

Projection Lobby Display

Interactive Greetings - Bravo Media

Transparent Display Case - Multiple

Interactive Display Table - Dermatologic

Projection on Ductwork - Unilever

Experiential Event - Gallin

Touchscreen Games - Fox