Meet Bravo...

overview for Fisher Brothers

Bravo Media is a excited for the opportunity to share our work with the team at Fisher Brothers.  We offer full-service creative development, strategy, production and execution of traditional and experiential media.

Our capabilities include: 2D + 3D Animation, Projection Mapping. Holograms. Interactive Displays. Digital Signage. LED, LCD, AR, VR and lots of other acronyms.

Our overarching mission is to create authentic moments of engagement.

We foresee a number of ways we could collaborate with FB at Area 15 and beyond...

  • Build awareness and anticipation of Area 15's opening via onsite projection mapping displays that evolve as the project grows.  Bravo can provide the initial installation and mapping of a projection system and deliver new content remotely on-demand.
  • Develop an interactive display for Life Is Beautiful activation to support email/data collection from attendees.
  • Enhance the guest experience at Area 15 with unique interactive displays encouraging what we call the "Come, Create, Share" continuum.
  • Serve as a resource for in-mall advertisers seeking dynamic content for digital signage.
  • Beyond Area 15, Bravo would love to explore projects including lobby displays, marketing collateral, way finding and promotional events.

Below please find samples of our work which we hope will inspire ideas for collaboration. 

Projection Mapping

Interactive Displays

Lobby + Retail