Bravo Proposal for LiveWorx

Welcome Wall

LiveWorx19 is seeking to enhance the guest experience with an interactive display near the entrance to the show floor.

Since the show will be jam-packed with cutting edge technology we thought it would be fun if the entrance display took on a slightly whimsical vibe, hiding any technology and using design to delight and surprise guests.  

We have two approaches in this proposal.  Each provide a number of final directions but we hope for this to serve as a jumping-off point for a deeper dive.

Conductive Ink

This simple technology, built around the most basic principles of electricity, allows us to transform what appears to be a completely “analog” wall into a fully interactive experience.  

Here are three ways we’ve activated this platform:

This was a Bravo R&D project where we incorporated multiple interactive experiences into one “wall” including a photo booth, arcade game, video showcase and musical instrument.

This display was developed for KPMG as a fun way to tell the story of the company’s founding members. The main surface is a simple sheet of plywood which comes to life through touch and projection.

In this collaboration users received a mix of play and information delivered through a simple combination of line-art and white light projections.

Conductive Ink @ LiveWorks - Here are a few top-line concepts to consider:

  • Interactive show-floor map.

  • Technology history timeline.

  • Interactive daily events calendar.

Magic Keyboard

This concept plays with the delight of seeing a common object in an unexpected environment. It also allows for lots of customization.

Here are a couple of our previous executions:

Part of the fun with this execution was incorporating the existing architecture of the elevator bay.

This display looks like it incorporates square LED displays but is actually entirely created via projection.

Magic Keyboard @ LiveWorx - Here are a few top-line concepts to consider:

  • Exhibitor showcase

  • Technology “Keyword” Visualizer

  • Guest arrival announcement

Budget Estimates

These estimates are based on an approximate display size of 6’ x 6’.

Estimates include display development, content, programming and onsite support.

Estimates do not include potential need to use union labor at exhibition site for setup and breakdown.

Conductive Ink Display: $25,000-$40,000

Magic Keyboard Display: $20,000-$35,000

Next Steps

After reviewing these samples we’d love to schedule a call to discuss options in more detail.

We are also happy to explore more “tech-forward” concepts that incorporate AI, facial recognition, badge scanning, etc.