Is The Clapper The Perfect Experiential Technology?

The original home-automation superstar, The Clapper is so much more than a novelty item. In fact, I would argue that it represents many of the key factors needed for successful experiential activation.

The first key factor for a successful activation is accessibility. Will users be able to quickly understand what is required and will they be able to easily accomplish the required actions? Well, when it comes to The Clapper, the instruction manual could not be shorter. Clap on. Clap off. And from toddlers to seniors, the act of clapping is pretty universally accessible.

The second key factor for a successful activation is engagement. Two of the best ways to generate engagement is with surprise and delight. Once again, The Clapper delivers. On its own, clapping is fun. We do it to express our joy. Now, connect that wonderful feeling of clapping with the delight of magically controlling the lights on a Christmas tree and that’s pure engagement.

The final key factor for a successful activation is reliability. If the key technology of your activation fails you’re done. And the more technology you rely on the more likely there is that something will go wrong. That’s not a concern with The Clapper. This is tried and true technology that has been around the block. It requires no internet connection, no special cables, nothing but standard power and you’re solid.

On top of all this, The Clapper is the perfect gift for kids, parents, grandparents, and even that jaded teen who thinks they’ve seen it all.

Clap on. Clap off. The Clapper!

(Neither David Title nor Bravo Media is a paid spokesperson for The Clapper)