Estimated Pricing

Pricing estimate ranges are based on total duration and complexity of animation, level of interactivity and overall scope and scale of the display.  These prices are just guidelines and could vary based on final brief.

Interactive Projection Mapping - Mercedes

$75,000-$125,00 - custom app; animated projection mapping; projector rentals; crew

Times Square LED Experience - Revlon

$40,000 - Show loop; custom video production; programming

Tabletop "hologram" - Mobileye

$5000-$25,000 - 3D animations; pre-built hardware

custom venue entrance - YouTube

$35,000-$65,000 - animated projection mapping; projector rental; crew.  (note: did not include structural fabrication)

Motion Tracking + Projection - Keurig

$50,000-$100,000 - Custom motion tracking application; animated projection mapping; hardware package; crew

Dome Projection Mapping - TedX

$100,000-$150,000 - Multi-projector dome animation; custom sound design; crew

Product Projection Mapping - Nike

$5000-$15,000 - Small prop animated projection mapping

Trade Show Display - FutureMarket

$30,000-$100,000 - Custom interactive application; touchscreen interface; animated projection mapping; crew (not including fabrication or AV rentals)

Retail Display - Saks Fifth Avenue

$15,000-$40,000 - Custom animated projection mapping; projector rental; crew

Jet Projection Mapping - French Tourism

$40,000-$75,000 - Multi-projector animated projection mapping; projector rentals, crew.

Glass Projection - Bravo Media

$5000-$15,000 - Custom animations; projection film surface; projector rental

Interactive Posters - KPMG

$15,000-$50,000 - Custom fabricated interactive wall; interactive coding; custom animations; voiceover and SFX

Vehicle Projection Mapping - Lincoln

$40,000-$80,000 - Custom vehicle animated projection mapping; projector rental; crew

Life-size Hologram - German Tourism

$25,000-$75,000 - Custom animated 3D model; custom hologram hardware and cabinet; voiceover and SFX

Projection Lobby Display

$15,000- $30,000 - Custom animated projection mapping; custom fab display

Interactive Greetings - Bravo Media

$15,000-$30,000 - Custom interactive interface; custom animations; hardware

Transparent Display Case - Multiple

$5000-$20,000 - Custom animations; interactive interface; off-the-shelf hardware.

Interactive Display Table - Dermatologic

$20,000-$50,000 - Custom fabricated display table; interactive coding; Custom product videos