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Over the past decade, Bravo Media has developed and produced projection displays for major conferences, activations, launches and events around the world.

Significant improvements to projector technology means that the flexibility and impact of projection mapping is now viable for long-term display.

Today, Bravo is executing dynamic, long-term projection displays in stores, offices, lobbies, malls, arenas and other high-traffic environments.


  • Nearly any surface can be transformed into a projection display.

  • Content can be updated remotely, on-demand.

  • Significantly less expensive than comparable LED arrays or video walls.

  • Scalable for displays from 1’ Sq. to 10,000’ Sq.

  • Displays can incorporate a range of interactive elements.


  • Laser projectors range in price from $2500-$50,000 depending on brightness and image size. Projectors can be leased or purchased.

  • Initial cost for display design and installation is $10,000-$25,000 depending on total number of projectors being used for the display.

  • Custom content package pricing starts at $5000 and ongoing content can be supplied via on-demand and/or subscription pricing.

  • Maintenance and support contracts negotiated based on scope of display.


  • Projection is not effective outdoors during daylight hours or in very sunny interior locations.

  • Projectors will require recalibration every 30-90 days depending on installation. This is a quick process which requires less than a couple of hours.

Some of our favorite projects…

What began as the unused underside of a two-story escalator is transformed into one of the most engaging DOOH displays at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Total display size is 10’x70’.


An empty storefront becomes a massive animated canvas for ad units, way-finding and eye candy at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Total display size is 36’x12’

Reimagining the lobby directory without a screen or physical signage in sight using all white light for elegance and impact at Harborside in Jersey City, NJ.

Incorporating a simple grid of diamond and circles creates a unique series of lobby displays able to support a wide range of visual experiences.

Dwell time while waiting for the elevator is turned into a visual treat at Saks Fifth Avenue. Custom sensors detect when elevators open and mask the projections for people exiting.

A retail life takes on a life of its own with a full wall takeover drawing shoppers in for a closer look.

A mural comes to life with the addition of custom projection mapping at the brand new nightclub Tao in Chicago. Interactive interface lets the DJ “play” the mural along with the music.

A simple logo on a wall becomes a subtle show-stopper with the addition of a small projector and great content.


Bravo Projection Services provides end-to-end support for longterm and temporary projection mapping displays.

  • Environmental Analysis - Whether you already know what you want to create or want to find out what's possible in your space our onsite evaluation will assist in determining project viability and establishing overall scope of work.

  • Hardware Selection and Installation - With so many options for projectors and playback, our direct relationships with multiple manufacturers and AV integrators insures that you have the best equipment for your specific needs. Our technicians oversee the entire process, from placement and cabling to display mapping and optimization.

  • Content Development and Execution - Bravo's team of designers and animators collaborate to create custom animation and video content specific to your needs and objectives.

  • Ongoing Support - Our projection systems allow for content to be updated remotely both on-demand and on a recurring schedule meaning your space can constantly evolve and engage.

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